Democratic deficit

How many times did we get to vote on matters of importance in Canada?

How wonderful it is to live in a land with so many supposed freedoms. Freedom from armed robbery? But what about freedom from pen and pencil.

How many days does an average worker work in the year? How many days do MPs MPPs and Senators work in a year? How many individuals have an expense account of $19,000?

How many times does an individual have the right to vote on any of the above.

We live in a land of democratic deficit and voter apathy. Just maybe the ones that did not  vote understand the value of their vote.

With the imbued concepts of both corporatism and capitalism does anyone other than certain individuals have any value or meaning? I am looking for change but with the different government setups that reward cronies and pals, this setup will never change and most of the population that does not have elected elegance will be the ones that bear the cost.

So much for freedom and ethics.

Don Walduck


Qualicum Beach