Distance yourself

Conservative supporter dismayed at Harper shenanigans

I am upset with my prime minister’s responses to allegations with regard to the robocall and F-35 scandals.

When I first met Stephen Harper, I was impressed by his good-looking, intelligent, articulate and young family-man appearance and I voted for him to be leader of my party. He had the image that I wanted for the prime minister of my Canada.

I was one of the first to join Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party of Canada, back in 2003. I feel very embarrassed when I hear my prime minister referred as “Sleazy Steevy; the dirty-tricks con man.”

What has happened?

Stephen Harper’s behavior since the election created the impression that he has sold his soul to the devil in exchange for a parliamentary majority.

James Lunney is a good man, and I respect him for his Christian beliefs. I was happy to work for his election and for his re-election, and I was proud to serve as treasurer of his riding association.

How does he rationalize who he is with the arrogant and disrespectful “Sleazy Steevy” image that his party’s leader is currently creating for himself?

It seems inevitable to me that Stephen Harper will crash to an ignoble defeat, similar to that which took place with Brian Mulroney.

It would be a pity indeed if Christian followers like James Lunney were to be dragged down with him.

I urge him to publicly declare his independence from the dominance and machination of Stephen Harper.

By all means, he should continue to support the principles and legislations which he feels of benefit to the people of his constituency and of Canada, but James Lunney should distance himself from the immoral and disrespectful principles currently being attributed to Stephen Harper.

Robert Radford