Dix is nothing new

Leader of the provincial NDP is a political disaster waiting to happen

I noticed that Adrian Dix has pulled off an old political trick by taking off his jacket, hanging it over the chair back, and rolling up his shirt sleeves. Wow! Then he delivered his message to the unwashed, a new departure from an old party hack.

There were lots of promises, but no solutions, as the leader of the opposition, he is well aware of the poor state of the province cash box. But that does not stop him from promising to restore everything back to the days when there was lots of money in the cash box.

The NDP is the political arm of the unions and we remember the last time the NDP was in power, they just caved in and gave the unions all that they asked for.

That and their boat building efforts just about put the province into bankruptcy.

Jobs? Where will he get them from? Enbridge, will provide jobs, but Dix is against them, so there goes one possibility. It will be a sad day for the province should he get elected.

Gordon Kuskey