Dog bylaw absurd

It's absurd to think a dog on the beach could impact the geese

In response to the and dog-hating letter, Sick of Dog Issues (The News, April 10) I grew up in this area when the Brants were numerous.

In terms of his complaints, I found it hard to blame a few dogs or their owners were the issues as I walked on a Parksville beach today with my black Labrador. The closest Brant that I could find was just west of the Shady Rest.

God knows, 50 people walking around on the beach aren’t going to scare the Brant. Plus, we all know putting an RV park in the middle of the Brant’s key estuary isn’t going to scare them away either.

I think after serious consideration, the most humane thing we can do to save the Brant  — and I agree they should be saved — is to get rid of all the humans.

It is laughable to think that a couple of dogs are going to bother the Brant whatsoever.

As far as the health issues with dogs in restaurants, I suggest you find restaurants where there are no canine clientele.

For the past 50 years, I’ve been returning to the same beach in Parksville, as have the Brants and it’s not the dogs that are the problem.

Every time I come back, there’s more and more people.

I suggest people might want to look at the bigger picture.

Mike Flynn