Dog dilemma

Why do some owners put their pet's needs above those of their neighbours?

What is it about some dog owners? I know that there are responsible dog owners out there. I know them, I like their dogs. I have no issue with them. What is it though, that makes a person let their dog out, unattended, in the late evening and allow them to bark loudly and incessantly for hours, while the rest of us are trying to sleep or otherwise have some peaceful thought in the sanctuary that is our home?

Surely, they realize that, with the current hot weather and the many open windows, that this sort of cacophony is all the more intrusive.

I have to wonder then, about the person or persons who are currently allowing their dog to ?have his way? with the otherwise peaceful existence that is this lovely town of Qualicum Beach. Will they continue to put theirs, and their dog’s needs above those of their fellow humans?

With any hope, he or she will read this and perhaps find another way to relate both to their pet, and the nice humans that occupy the same neighbourhood.

Craig Drummond


Qualicum Beach