Don’t ignore people’s differences

Re: Parksville reverend helps bring faiths together (The NEWS, March 9):

Reverend Twiddy says in his article: “People of faith on the mid Island can concentrate on what they have in common, rather than the ways they are different”

I say: Reverend Twiddy, if we concentrate on what we have in common first, rather than the way we are different, we are missing the whole point here on what is most necessary to people’s attitude to create links towards different cultures.

We need dialogues, to talk and communicate our differences so we may make it possible to reach a harmony and peace in between us.

There is already enough racism in this country and too many people who don’t, or will never, assimilate and will remain in ghettos only because of ignorance to one another.

Reverend Twiddy also mentions that this applies only to “People of faith on mid-Island”

It is to me a major concern all over this world.

Claude Gagné