Don’t threaten me

More diplomacy needed in smart meter installations

When smart meters were first being installed in my area, I wrote a letter to B.C. Hydro stating that I refused to have the meter installed in my home. There was just too many conflicting articles about the health risks, outrageous hydro bills after the meters were installed, etc.

With the City of Nanaimo talking about a moratorium on the smart meters I was elated, I hoped that would be enough incentive for B.C. Hydro to re-think its decision to install these meters.

Again today I read in the paper about the damage done to household appliances upon installation of these meters. All of this information in the news, coupled with the fact that many of the states in the U.S. and countries in Europe have also banned smart meters, reassured me that my decision not to have this meter put in for as long as possible was a good one.

Today a very defensive and rather belligerent B.C. Hydro worker rang my doorbell and informed me that I had delayed the installation of the new meter by a year and a half and why was I so opposed to having the meter installed. I recited health concerns and the fact that the City of Nanaimo is talking about a moratorium on these meters and all the research I had done.

He then asked: “where did you do your research, Youtube?” He then told me that I shouldn’t believe everything I read, which I assume would include the articles by BC Hydro claiming the safety of the smart meters. He proceeded to tell me how people have slammed doors in his face and how rude people were.

Really. I kind of felt like slamming the door in his face myself. He told me that he wanted to install the meter at my home today and I said that was not going to happen. He then made what I considered a threat to send others to my home.

Is B.C. Hydro so invested in the installation of smart meters that they now have to resort to threatening its customers in order to accomplish their mission?

Dianne Shuttleworth


Qualicum Beach



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