Driver earned butt-tossing fine

Re: Ontario truck driver fined $575 for tossed cigarette (, Aug. 30).

What is insane is the mind-boggling costs associated with putting out fires, lost properties, evacuations. Remember Fort McMurray!

What is insane is that during this drought, with hundreds of wildfires and grassfires, people forced to evacuate, losing their properties, hard-to-breathe smoky air and extreme fire danger ratings due to dry hot weather, there are still people who give no thought to how and where they discard their cigarette butts.

I am sure they would never throw a cigarette butt on their own patio or deck, their own garden, or their own driveways. So I do not understand why they think it is okay to flip them on outdoor restaurant patios, beaches, parks, streets, sidewalks, parking lots and out of their cars onto roads lined with dry, brown grass. Anywhere you go, public spaces are covered with cigarette butts.

Please carry a small tin or container to put your extinguished butt in and empty it in your own or in a public garbage bin.

Louise Wall

Qualicum Beach