Driving dilemma

I thought I was driving legally, but apparently I wasn't

I thought I was obeying the law — I’ve driven 45-plus years with no B.C. citations — but apparently not.

Virtually every morning for the past nine years, my wife and I drive up to the trails beside Pheasant Glen Golf Course to walk our mutt. No hurry, just on the limit.

Rupert Road blends from Bennett Road just after the curve past the airport. Once around the curve, Rupert Road runs dead straight to Memorial Avenue. The speed limit sign, clearly visible once settled into the straightaway, says 70 km/h. Once I see that sign I punch my cruise control to 72. Apparently that is illegal.

I asked the officer when the speed limit is in force. He told us that it starts when you reach the sign, not when the sign is visible. So I went to the RCMP office and talked with a supervisor, who reiterated that the letter of the law is as it was explained to me, but he said it’s really a discretionary call.

Al Dewey


Columbia Beach