Easy answer

A simple change in priorities is all it will take to solve our economic woes

Watching the struggles the leader of the National Philistine Party is having with controlling the budget, I think Stevie needs some help in making more appropriate budgetary decisions.

He seems to be trying to save money by cutting such items as coast guard, environmental protection, science,  including the Bamfield Marine Station, and belt tightening on public enquiries.

It seems to me he could cancel those destructive cuts in one fell swoop by signing off on Canada’s subservience to the U.S. military agenda. Just cancel the whole F-35 acquisition and call back the thousand or so troops we have currently helping in the occupation of Afghanistan and his budgetary problems will disappear.

If your readers would like to join me in this matter, I cordially invite them to join us every Tuesday at 4 p.m. near the junction of the Island and Alberni Highways. We have lots of signs to share.

John Olsen