Enforce the noise bylaw in Qualicum Beach

Far too often people are getting away with letting their dogs bark

I totally agree with Craig Drummond (The News, August 7). However Mr. Drummond is too lenient towards the irresponsible dog owners.

In Qualicum Beach we have a noise bylaw No. 552.

Those irresponsible dog owners are law breakers every time their dogs bark outside.

The bylaw is very clear and you can get a  copy at the town hall.

Those dog owners can be fined up to $2,000 in court each time.

Bylaw No. 552 has to be enforced each and every time there is a complaint about barking dogs, day or night.

The town of Qualicum Beach has a job to do to keep our residential streets peaceful.

Several weeks ago on Dorset Road, two dogs started barking. Two dogs next door joined in and two across the road. This went on for four hours. The original owners came home at 11:20 a.m.

I say it has to stop.

Peter Wams

Qualicum Beach