Enough back slaps

Visit by Liberal cabinet ministers shows there's a real spin going on

I hope the visiting ministers, (The News, Feb. 14) at their invitation only hand shaking, had a good time.

It was nice of the chamber of commerce to hold a closed meeting to deflect any negative light that might have shone on them.

This old style political back slapping has outlived its usefulness to any community. I understand why they do it, but having it was a major mistake.

Our premier gives a throne speech from CKNW and the boys from Victoria hold a closed meeting. I would have thought that people that we elect to run our provincial government were smarter than that. I guess I was wrong!

The tactics of spinning whatever the ruling party thinks best for its longevity, so obvious to any observant voter, typifies this archaic model of party politics.

We must get beyond this childish party political dance of self interest and get to taking care of the province of British Columbia and the country of Canada. Those elected must be accountable to the electorate and voters must make them responsible for their actions.

Bob Tritschler