Enough feasting

Tell me again why we need to give executives at ICBC bonuses and other perks

Performance pay? Profit?

Aren’t wages performance pay?

They are in Oceanside, where average salaries are a fraction of ICBC bonuses alone!

Why pay civil servants more for doing what they are handsomely paid for, by us, in first place?

Crown corporations were established to circumvent private enterprise middle men from profiting on essential services.

Both the Liberal and NDP governments surreptitiously became middle men, seducing public sector employees with obscene salaries and bonuses, to make profits for syphoning off. Silently gouging the citizens, setting profit targets and paying bonuses, Crown Corporations up user rates citing bogus rising costs.

The BC Liberals think their milquetoast directive will appease voters, and can continue milking us like cattle.

We’re not fooled.

Enough is enough: this self-serving, inequitable system, propagated by both the NDP and BC Liberals, needs a complete overhaul.

A servant is not above his master. Enough feasting on the backs of the producers: the real working class. It’s time to return to a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

Enid Mary Sangster-Kelly