Expensive facelift

Why do we need yet another consultant to discuss the bus garage?

Once again I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

I am informed that a consultant has been retained to look into giving the former bus garage in downtown Qualicum beach, a facelift, of sorts at a possible cost of up to $400,000!  Now this is just plain stupidity.

The property was purchased for an exorbitant amount over its appraised value, landscaping and sidewalks were retrofitted at further taxpayer cost and there are/were a few ideas floating about, such as a town square, arts center, green space that will no doubt mean a tear down of the structure.

So now we want to spruce it up and then, because it might actually blend into the distant vista, we will have to put lights on it to see it? Taxpayers, it’s time we look at the bureaucracy. It is certainly out of control!

Allan Clark

Qualicum Beach