Facts in question

It appears the facts are being manipulated to make a point

It was with humor that I read Art Skipsey’s response to Margaret Lonsdale’s letter (The News, March 13), where she contradicted Art’s distance to the NRGH from Parksville.

Margaret had never heard of Skipsey and that he was a past mayor and letter writer to The News.

I personally drove out the distance from the Parksville clinic to the NRGH ambulance entrance to the emergency ward. This was along Highway 19 to the marked hospital sign at Northfield Road, down to the hospital. A distance of 32 km. one way. There are 14 traffic lights along the route, of which two stopped me.

The March 20 edition contains an article that teams Skipsey with Rick Sullivan, both of whom must have heard the doctors of the Parksville clinic saying that it was very difficult to attract doctors and experienced personnel to the boondocks in the middle of Vancouver Island. It appears that they both ignored that.

In the same article, Sullivan states that there is no money because they have cut taxes, blaming the shortage on greed. Perhaps Sullivan should take a course on math. I personally pay $38.40 per month to health care. From the nurses in NRGH, it costs $1,700 per day, per person for a room in the hospital.

Sullivan, who calls himself a coalition on fancy printed letterhead, is once again manipulating the facts.

Gordon Kuskey