Field is wide open

With three council incumbents not running, there is much political opportunity in Qualicum Beach

Do you want Qualicum Beach to grow rapidly or do you want it to stay pretty much the same? Are there issues you think should be addressed, but they haven’t been? Are you pleased with the way things are going in the municipality or are you mad as hell and not willing to take it anymore?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this could well prove to be your lucky day. Not for a long time has the opportunity to stand up and be counted been so wide open. If there ever was a time for people to put their money where their mouths — or pens — are, this November’s municipal election could well be it.

That’s because at least two and possibly three out of the four incumbent councillors have announced they won’t be seeking another term when voters go to the polls. Both Jack Wilson and Kent Becker have given a definite no, while Barry Avis won’t throw his hat into the ring until he knows whether or not he has won the provincial nomination for the NDP candidacy.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all three of the — possibly — departing incumbents for their hard work and dedication over the past term in the case of Becker and over the past several in the cases of Wilson and Avis. We know just how hard these guys have worked for the betterment of the community — and it’s not inconsiderable.

That said, their departure leaves a whole lot of opportunity for others who may feel they have something to contribute to the ongoing debate about the town’s future direction. The newcomers could well prove to be a majority in the next council.

Any takers?