Field of dreams

Building a better running track has no downside at all

In response to Mr. Philip’s letter (The News,  May 29) I agree there is no doubt that numerous maintenance issues regarding all of the sports fields there abound.

As a separate issue though, there are so many positive reasons to put in a proper all weather track there, even if it’s just for the track initially at an estimated $750k and not the complete $2.5 million complex.

I can give you some surprising examples of plain ugly dirt tracks that literally nobody would ever go for a walk on which suddenly became a centrepiece for hundreds of local residents of all ages doing walks, jogs, meeting friends to get fit, you name it.

It isn’t just kids who run track by any means. Probably less than one per cent of the use of the track I am talking about were organized club or school practices. It is true that “if you build it, they will come.”

You will find walking becoming a social event, going to the track after dinner, before work or whenever. Walking the baby in the stroller, etc. It will get used probably 16 hours a day if you decide to fund it. And what better way to attract more families to the area? Having a more impressive place, as a sports facility for your kids to practice … it’s all good.

There are no negatives here. Just take a look at the possibilities and visualize what it is that you want.

Steve Kemp


Qualicum Beach