Firework fears

There's no need for all the noise and disturbance at Halloween

I like what Victoria is doing this year for people planning on a Halloween Eve home fireworks display.

First, the fire department is putting on a safe fireworks workshop and second, this permit required in order to obtain a permit. Failure to comply is a $160 fine. Not too harsh.

Celebrating Halloween is huge in B.C. The downside is not only the danger of fire but also injury, especially with young children roaming about, some in flammable costumes.

Furthermore, let’s face it, alcohol and drugs may be needed to enjoy the fireworks, especially when no driving is required.

Then there is the teens who were seen on the streets of Parksville last year lighting off firecrackers and launching hand-held Roman candles as they travelled about.

I’m sure pets and wildlife will be thinking the ‘two leggers’ started a war. Environmentalists will be thinking about the planetary heat and pollution produced by thousands of incinderie displays.

People trying to sleep before work will be inconvenienced and yes, babies will need to be reassured.

But personally, my aged father-in-law will likely be thrown back to the war where he may linger for days, even weeks, seeing soldiers outside of his home of 30 years and preparing for attack.

Please be careful everyone and enjoy your unofficial holiday — Happy Halloween.

Gord Byers