Gardens is not an old folks home

Seniors facility is a beehive of activity

If Neil Horner’s aim was to upset and raise the bile of the residents of The Gardens at Qualicum Beach, he succeeded.

Old folks home. The term in most peoples mind describes a situation of the elderly sitting in a wheelchair, asleep in front of the TV, waiting for their next meal.

We are a retirement community, and we have different reasons for being here. We are certainly not sitting in God’s waiting room.

There is a full program of activities, bus trips, theatre trips, lunch outings and the occasional cruise.

On Saturday Night Live there is music, cards, pool, shuffleboard and darts.

If Mr. Horner has not visited us we would like to invite him to come to one of our therapeutic exercise sessions in the hope that he can keep up and will learn that we still have a lot to offer to the community.

C.A. King.

Qualicum Beach


 Editor’s note: The editor 

takes the credit — or the blame — for that headline.