Get out of the way

There's lots of opportunity for development in Qualicum Beach

I am so sick and tired of reading about the Gang of Three versus the poor bedraggled Old Guard Twosome who are trying to keep everything the same as it has been forever.

Namely no growth, no opportunity for young people, no affordable housing for people of low wages working in our stores or in the care homes looking after our elderly.

Yes, we are the oldest town in Canada by age of population and we are all likely to end up in one of our care homes.

The low wages paid to care workers, plus the lack of a place they can afford to live, will leave us in dire straits.

Who will look after us?

Do you see any kids on our downtown streets anymore? The schools are emptying out. The downtown merchants can’t afford employees because all the old people here have everything and don’t need to spend anything except for food and meds.

The Old Guard Twosome even want to stop development of a new apartment building downtown.

Too bad that the merchants could use an infusion of new business and God forbid that we build a new fire house that can withstand an earthquake.

Do you think we could expect help from a collapsed fire hall?

We have empty lots and acreages throughout town. We have a large school yard downtown with few children in the school. Surely half of this yard could contain affordable apartment buildings.

Instead, we have barriers to development of any kind. Months and years of reviewing plans and citizens’ committees wanting a say in every detail.

Why would any developer want to come to our dying town? Why would any business want to come here with no young workforce available?

I am an old fart of 75 but I would rather live in a vibrant community. As for all the other old people here who want no change, I say what difference could change make for you? You won’t be here.

To the Old Guard, I say the position of mayor or councillor was never intended to be permanent or political.

If you can’t stand progress, get out of the way and let someone with a little vitality take over.

Ren Olson


Qualicum Beach