Glass half empty or half full?

Pastor's Point

It has been difficult to be optimistic about the weather this year.  

I feel badly for those who have come to Oceanside for some summer fun, only to spend it inside or covered with waterproof clothing. 

When I was in my 20s, we always knew we had really been camping when we had at least one day of rain. As hard as it is to enjoy a rainy vacation, getting grumpy even about the weather is a choice. 

Our days are full of choices, most of them make a direct impact on us personally, but our choices also impact others.

I know I enjoy myself much more when I am around positive people, whereas those who always find the negative in every situation can be draining on ones soul.  

Yes, rain does fall during vacations, but with a little creativity there is always something to do, and our attitude can make all the difference in the world. 

Choose to celebrate each day and give thanks that you and those you care about can participate together. 

Choose to find the positives, expect to have some fun, treat each other with kindness, and smile through the raindrops, and remember that God’s love is bountiful regardless of the weather.

Wearing rose-coloured glasses all the time is not so helpful, but choosing to see life as a cup half full, can be delightfully infectious to everyone you meet. 

Play well, keep safe and find ways to see the brighter side of life, even in the rain. 

The optimist in me says: ‘don’t forget your sun-screen’.

Deep peace as you holiday.




— The Rev. Hilde J. Seal is one of the Ministers at Knox United Church, Parksville.