Good luck to all

Gambling with the lottery isn't like it used to be in the old days

Remember when CHEK TV would broadcast live from various BC locales, the drawing for the lottery winning numbers at 6:49 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday evening?

Back then my friends and I seemed to win something more frequently than at present.

These live draws were supervised and the method of selecting the random winning numbers was with a bingo style machine with numbered balls.  This method is still employed in major lottery centres in the US of A.

Even if you pick your own set of numbers, they are all entered into the BCLC computer bank.  And then, gee, that same system selects the numbers.

Telekinesis could be argued to have a direct affect in the manual style draw thus players’  prayers could be answered.  In the same vein, a computer has a protective ‘firewall’ which can conceivably nullify concentrated thought but not hackers.

“Know your limit and play within it” or maybe push the pause button if you no longer seem to win.

Gord Byers