Grads work hard

There's no reason to resent grads getting a city grant

A lot of people don’t know how hard these high school students work let me share a couple of things. They had a Haunted House for all the children in our community, the Grade 12 class and students from the leadership group set up, entertained and cleaned up on their own. On Friday they held a carnival night, again for all the children in our community and again they are responsible for all of it.

Yes, they have support from teachers and some parents, but basically they do it all. I know four years ago some students in leadership, some parents and a couple of non teaching staff started a breakfast program where they came to school early and cooked breakfast for their fellow classmates who did not have the opportunity to have breakfast at home. These students never judged or made comments about their peers, maybe something we could learn as adults.

Bill Canning