Green space is good

Old bus garage site in Qualicum Beach would look very nice as a park

As a resident homeowner in Qualicum village I agree with the (school) bus property being turned into a open green space where public events could be held for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s call it Qualicum place, eagle place or whatever. The property has a spectacular open view of Mt. Arrowsmith, which from the center of town will clearly be appreciated by visitors and residents for ages to come.

While standing on the site  yesterday I looked up into the sky to see a small gathering of eagles soaring around in circles and thought, what a wonderful place for people to come sit and enjoy life.

A nice green space with a elevated concrete pad for a centerpiece stage would be excellent. Add some old style street lighting, brick walkways, seating, perhaps a large eagle carving or two and then the town is ready for some festivities.

This venue could be used by the many community and cultural groups to attract and bring popular events into the town of Qualicum which benefits the local economy greatly.

There is no denying the desire and need for development in Qualicum such as hotels, a pub and restaurants. However let’s create a much needed green space first and grow from there.

Qualicum Beach will be better for it in the near future.

Patrick Deir


Qualicum Beach