Harper doing fine

Just look at what's happening in Europe to those who follow a different path

In response to Yvonne Zarowny letter, (The News, May 15), her letter is nothing but a ranting against  Stephen Harper.

No facts, just doom and gloom. Harper has Canada on the correct financial path.

Unfortunately, France and Greece have just returned leftist Prime Minister’s, more debt, spending more than they can pay off. We are lucky so far that Stephen Harper is there to guide us, not the NDP, both in Ottawa and B.C. otherwise Canada could end up in debt.

Who will help to pay off Canada’s debt? The world’s money has moved to Asia. Will they help?

Canada no longer has a manufacturing industry, resources  is all that is left in Canada.

Look at Greece and Ireland, these countries spent more than they can pay off, so much for the “Not for profit” concept. Lets hope that the NDP  does not get control of  the finanaces of  Canada and B.C.

Gordon Kuskey