Hate campaign against the mayor

Office of the mayor deserves to be treated with more respect

Just as the Hollywood cowboy rides off into the sunset, so the Qualicum Beach town hall is disappearing into a smokescreen.

From rumours and reports flowing from the town hall, Tuesday Jan. 3 saw three councillors  using the committee room for an unpublicized, unscheduled, unofficial council meeting from which even the mayor was excluded.

So once again the optics of an intent to ignore the mayor and simply follow the agenda of the gang of four are plain to see.

Perhaps this is a good time to remind these four that they were elected to help guide this town of 9,000 souls according to opinions expressed in the Quality of Life survey and O.C.P., not solely to fulfil their personal agendas and those of their business friends with a hate campaign against the mayor.

F.H. Horner


Qualicum Beach