Haven’t enough geese been culled in Parksville?

Open letter to Parksville Mayor Lefebvre:

According to the article in last week’s paper paper (Parksville may reprise goose cull in 2018, Sept. 14), a Mr. Cooper from the Estuaries Society, feels another cull to reduce the population of geese by another half is necessary.

First of all, other than being part of this society, what are this man’s qualifications? Is he a scientist? How does he know this number is required?

If nests have been reduced by two-thirds and the native grasses have made a huge comeback in so short a time, I think that would indicate sufficient culling has been done to rectify what you see as such a horrific problem.

Personally, I do not want any of my tax dollars spent on this disgusting practice.

Mr. Mayor, if you want to help the environment, how about not filling the sky with fireworks a couple of times a year. Not only are the chemicals released from fireworks toxic, the noise is terrifying to animals, both domestic and wild. The chemicals fall into the water and enter the food chain. Why not take taxpayer dollars and just burn them?

How about you and council stop people from wasting water on lawns and car washes and power washing of houses and driveways during a drought.

This waste of water creates low levels in streams and rivers and causes countless fish habitats to change. How about you concentrate on things that need immediate attention and leave our wildlife alone.

Kandy Rogers