He is there for us

God may well work in mysterious ways, but He does work

I agree wholeheartedly with the Pastor Allan Walker message in his article entitled, Where is God when it hurts? (The News, June 8).

“Simply by being there”, brings back memories of one of the many frightening nights we endured, when hundreds of bombers flew over Rotterdam, Holland on their way to Germany.

One night, even though we were not allowed to, we walked to our relatives to ease our angst; we simply needed to be with them.  At home we would stand in our small hallway, ready to go in case a plane would be shot down.

Each of us had a small valise ready to run out of the house when needed.  It’s a scene hard to forget.

When we quietly huddled together after we arrived at our relatives, we felt a great release, and comfort, even though the drone of the planes were still audible and the German cannons were still in full action trying to shoot down the planes.

God’s help is found often through the help of others, I know … He always has been there when I needed Him the most.

Ary Sala


Fanny Bay