Heads need a shake

Teachers have it pretty good, when you think about it

Say, does anyone know what a public servant is?

Unfortunately they and most of the general populous (private sector) have forgotten that the public sector employees have been given the privilege of work without performance standards and have a situation not enjoyed by the private sector.

Let us use an example. You go to school, you go to university, you then go back to school and get a situation that at the most might require 165 days of hard labour and get a full pension at the end of a so called career — without any knowledge of the real world.

And if you make a mistake, you might get sent home with pay while you wait for a hearing — but that all works out, doesn’t it?

Now if you are in the private sector, you invest your skills and if you cannot perform, the employer lets you go to seek another venue. Do you get a pension, raises and less work for more money? No! If you do not like your situation you move on. That is the real world.

To all you persons who think you have a God-given right to go through life without a care in the world, give your head a shake. The money and the benefits you think you are entitled to come from you and all the others who do not have the same privileges.

The tax goes up when you want more. Face it you have a great deal going.

Allan Clark


Qualicum Beach