Heard, not herded

Make the effort to get out and vote for the candidate you think is best

Let us all get out and vote.

While all the candidates are decent and well-intentioned people, we must make our decision on the future and how our voice in government, your local representative, can help get our debt reduced, reel in bureaucratic and labour costs (and accountability) and clean up the current mess and misdirection.

We must analyse the party and where it leads their followers. There is a move to try to involve the youth, and while that might generate votes, perhaps they do not quite understand the big picture.

One needs to have a longer-term experience (and ‘street smart’ knowledge) to understand the big picture, while the middle group, the worker bees, are too busy trying to survive, as they learn through the school of hard knocks.

Meanwhile the last batch — yeah that’s the grey hairs — are either too comfortable or even disenchanted or think that they won’t make a difference because voting conflicts with their leisure time activities.

All of us must get informed and get out and be heard, not herded.

Look at where you want to be in 20 years and elect a group of persons with the toughness, adequate skills, lots of drive and enthusiasm to tackle the issues to make that be. Apathy or a thought-out vote?

Allan Clark


Qualicum Beach