Heed the warning

Earthquake on Friday should stand as a wakeup call for all of us


Sometimes, just a small amount of effort can make a big, big difference in the life of you and your family, although that fact is not always obvious until the chickens come home to roost and you realize you didn’t do what was needed to be done.

That isn’t — or at least shouldn’t be — the case with the need for Oceanside residents to make some very basic preparations for the eventuality that the earth moves, the water rises, the woods burn, the wind howls or some other form of natural disaster makes its presence felt.

Unlike the case in so many situations, we have been warned, and not just once, that we need to ensure our families are as prepared as they can be for any surprise. Certainly, Friday’s earthquake off the coast of Vancouver Island should make it clear — if it isn’t clear already — that yes, we do live in an active earthquake zone and yes, we really ought to make sure we’re ready, should the big one occur.

That’s not to say people should go about their business in fear and trembling, or even make a proactive dash for the hills before it can happen. However, making sure everyone in your family knows where to meet in the event of a disaster and collecting the items necessary for an emergency earthquake kit doesn’t take a lot of work, really, and the benefits, should things go south all of a sudden, are huge.

If you haven’t done it, put down the newspaper for a few minutes and do it now. Nobody was expecting Friday’s earthquake but it came. The wise will see that as a word of warning and take heed.

— editorial by Neil Horner


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