Here’s one more plot

ICBC doesn't seem to know whose side they are supposed to be on

I’ve noticed an interest for conspiracies in the letters section.

There is more than just the BC Hydro spy meters and the Regional Dictatorship of Nanaimo.

There is the ICBC social engineering plot, where by ICBC is trying to get off the road any vehicle that isn’t almost new.

They are doing this largely by the ridiculous write-offs of perfectly good barely damaged vehicles, the very ones that could be afforded by ordinary people.

And they are doing this at our expense when they should be just an insurance company as the name implies.

Is ICBC in bed with car dealers?

As for the regional district problem, there may be some relief coming up, as I see that someone who will stick up for us and not be shut up by the city slickers, has jumped into the ring.

Clarke Lacey