How embarrassing

Squabbling is making a laughing stock of Qualicum Beach

Re: Infighting continues,(The News, Oct. 26). When will these people stop this nonsense?

They were elected to guide the town of Qualicum Beach, not act like a bunch of spoiled brats. These people are becoming an embarrassment to the citizens of this town, and we are becoming the laughingstock of District 69.

The people of Qualicum Beach are not like people in other communities in this area. When we elect by the democratic system, a mayor to lead our community, we support that mayor. If other people who have been elected to council do not like our choice, too bad.

We are not like the other city in our area — we do not throw our mayor under the bus and let some council decide who our leader will be.

The citizens of this town should have this message for those people on council who are unhappy: get on with the business of guiding our town.

At the next election, the people can decide whether they want to keep you.

Ted Smith


Qualicum Beach