HST vote is a miniature election

However, no government will fall - yet

Do we or don’t we want the HST?  

The rhetoric in the media is warming up, although not as vigorously as I expected or hoped. 

Still, as always those with an axe to grind or a special interest to promote are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and get our vote, assuming we are not already confused by the counter-intuitive wording of the referendum.

If you believe the HST supporters, it is so wonderful that it’s almost not like a tax at all. You know how much extra you are paying for the necessities and modest luxuries of life. But be fair. This really is saving you money and Christy & Co. will give some of this extortion back to you, just to ensure that you don’t suspect a major boondoggle in all of this.

As for the future benefits — lower prices, more employment, etc. — seen in the government’s cloudy crystal ball, well, trust me. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

With a debt millstone around the province’s neck and continuing deficits, can you see tax reductions in your future? 

With the current crop on the government benches having been crawling sycophants of the disgraced former premier the level of trust cannot be much lower.

Opponents of the HST can put their spin on its effects but, in fact, have very little to work with other than the arrogance and duplicity of the way in which the measure was introduced.

So, in my view, this is the core of the process. It is a mini-election  that, if lost, will not necessarily bring about a change of government, but will send a message to all parties that we don’t like what government has become and the time for change is now!

 Frank Horner

Qualicum Beach