Hypocrisy is amazing

Conservatives working hard to destroy the middle class


’m beginning to understand how the German people in the 1930s, and any other people under a dictatorship, could be led into an abyss.

From the time the Americans started to demonize Gadaffi they stressed how important it was to prevent him from killing his own people and how the UN action led by the Americans was first and foremost a humanitarian action. Meanwhile the drones kept releasing missiles in Pakistan and the bombs were dropping in Afghanistan. In one drone attack alone there were 38 civilians killed in Pakistan less than a week before the so-called humanitarian action was started in Libya. 

The hypocrisy is nauseating.

And in this country I watched Global TV news just to see if they were reporting what was actually happening in the election. The CBC, which is the only source of fairly unbiased TV news, reported that Ignatieff reminded voters of Harper’s promise to privatize everything, including health-care, while leader of the opposition. Not a mention of that by Global whose reporting blatantly favors Harper. Not to be unexpected since Global is owned by Shaw Communications, whose founder’s son recently retired at a young age with a $31,000,000 pension. One can imagine how much they’re concerned about working-class Canadians. And then we have Harper running as a fiscal conservative after racking up the biggest budget deficit in Canadian history.

 Several decades ago Noam Chomsky wrote a book entitled Manufacturing Consent. He showed how the super-wealthy with their ownership of the mainstream media and their political puppets can mould public opinion to achieve their goals. It worked so well that G.W. Bush got elected twice, exploded their debt, and has ensured the demise of the American middle-class. Harper is trying his best to emulate his neo-con heroes and is well on his way to destroying the Canadian middle-class.

J. Paterson