Ides of November

This municipal election cycle could be the most exciting in years

Come November, you will be asked to decide who you want to run our communities — and already the political slings and arrows are starting to fly. As usual, the majority of them are confined to Qualicum Beach, but watch out Parksville after the Labour Day long weekend — expect to see some old names make a return.

Volatility rasing its head in Qualicum Beach so early is not surprising, considering recent electoral history and a population very involved in the political process in the community.

In both Parksville and Qualicum Beach, we will face turnover at the municipal level — and fierce battles for the seats of the school board of trustees, as parents upset over the potential loss of their high school try to prevent that from happening.

In Qualicum Beach, the potential closure of its only high school has sent ripples through the political community, and has become a rallying cry for those who think significant change — especially change at the town council table — is needed.

However, change at what cost?

That unanswered question is not popular in Qualicum Beach and has led to the status quo for at least the last eight years. Most people would say that hasn’t been a bad thing and many of the issues being bandied about today aren’t because of any political policy, but more so due to demographics and perhaps a little frustration.

This fall has the potential to be the most interesting election in years — and possibly the most frustrating, as we will have to wade through a lot of rhetoric to get real answers on more than just the hot button issues. The News plans on being front-and-centre in getting the answers we need — even if some people don’t like them.       — editorial by Steven Heywood


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