Information overload

Over stimulation in the digital
age makes us feel “incomplete,
bored and compelled to do
something to fill the void”

Belief is a feeling of being sure that someone or something exists or that something is true. Many of our beliefs were taught to us in school and through family and friends and influences like television.  Most were simply accepted without question and continue to shape our individual realities.

We exist in a three dimensional reality in which all matter appears to be confined in width, depth and height. Many great minds (including the late Carl Sagan) believe there is a forth dimension and probably an endless number of dimensions.  We are unable to picture them because we are trapped in a 3-D reality and even the forth dimension remains an abstract concept.

But it’s not just a matter of space. There’s also the matter of time.

As humans, our reality is severely shaped by our belief in time, which may very well be nature’s way of keeping everything from happening all at once.

Everything that will eventually happen is in the future. Everything that’s ever happened is in the past.  But neither of these are real. The future hasn’t happened yet and the past is gone (other than the detrius of memories, photos, documents, etc).

The only reality is now and it appears to be flashing by as fast as it arrives.  You may have already forgotten some or all of what you’ve just read.

Zoom zoom gone into “the past.”

Every moment we spend thinking about the future or recalling the past are moments that we are not in the now.

What’s in our now?

For most of us, a whirling mixture of inputs through our five senses from everything from the Internet and television to the smell of supper cooking.

Our minds are constantly processing all this input comparing it to previous experience so we can make sense of it all.

The sound of silence is nearly a thing of the past except for those who practice a form of meditation or live monastically. We are addicted to stimulation and without it we feel incomplete, bored and compelled to do something to fill the void.

In doing so, we may have chosen to effectively close our connection to the reality and existence of God, the Creator, Yaweh, the Supreme Being, the Universe or the Anunnaki.

Let’s not get side tracked, as so often happens, arguing about the names and details in the stories of a variety of deities that have evolved over the eons.

Considering the magnitude of events taking place in the world today, now would be an appropriate time to explore our beliefs with the courage to accept that some of them may not be true or accurate and put them back in alignment with reality.

A good starting point would be a documentary called Zeitgeist: the movie, then the updates.

It’s on Netflix, YouTube and DVD.  It covers, religion, politics, economics and more.

— Brother John Seeland is ordained

through the Universal Life Church.



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