Inquiry is needed

We need to get to the bottom of this Robocall scandal

I am pleased Mr. Gayowsky is as concerned as I about the fraud committed during the 2011 federal election (The News, March 30). My experience is consistent with hundreds of other Canadians. People were first called by someone soliciting funds for the CPC, then a number received, as I did, calls directing them to the wrong location for their polling station.

Some of the second set came from people saying they were Elections Canada; others from folks self-identifying as Conservatives. My experience was repeated in over 200 ridings. I agree with Mr. Gayowsky — it does not make sense.

That is why we need an open, full public independent inquiry done by people with the power and resources to get to the bottom of who perpetrated this fraud.

Someone or group with access to a lot of money, the voter’s lists and had a high level of organization committed election fraud during the 2011 federal election.

Also, I do not appreciate a party that claims to be hard on crime being so cavalier about such a travestry being committed against our democracy.

Yvonne Zarowny


Qualicum Beach