It looks like a duck …

Quality of Life survey is a good way to determine what the community wants

Your new editor, John Harding, has written his editorial of Sept. 14 entitled “Character not in danger in QB,” although  the changes made so far in our OCP by the Gang of Three councilors sure hasn’t helped in my and many others’ opinions.

Coun. Brouilette recently advising that she doesn’t belong to this gang, is similar to Mike Wansink who claimed in the press before the election that he was not part of a candidates group as a mayor candidate, but then got caught sending out instructions to a certain group of candidates.

If it walks, talks, thinks and acts like a duck, I’m still pretty sure that it’s a duck.

“It’s time for Qualicum Beach to grow up” means nothing to me — grow up to be what  …  for who?

Qualicum Beach has had a good development plan for many years, including the good, bad and ugly years, by mainly using the quality-of-life survey sent out to all households.

But just wait — I’m pretty sure that they will come up something else.

Doug Taylor


Qualicum Beach