It’s a finite planet

There actually are limits to growth

While I am honoured to be singled out by (Parksville city) Councillor  (Al) Greir, I experience it as scary he makes such erroneous statements about a person he has neither met nor knows anything about.  

I agree with Councillor Greir that we are to leave a sustainably prosperous region for our children and grandchildren.  

Frankly, I would like to leave such a world for them.  

That is not what we are doing.

Unlike Councillor Greir, I respectfully disagree with him as to how we achieve that.  

Unlike Greir, I do know the science — both the social (including economics) as well as the earth sciences. 

What part of infinite growth on a finite planet not being sustainable does he not grasp?

If we want a sustainably-prosperous region and world for our children and grandchildren, some serious rethinking and respectful dialogue needs to occur.  

My hope is Councillor Greir is up to that challenge.


  Y.A. Zarowny 

Qualicum Beach