It’s about jobs

Broom battlers deserve our thanks for the hard work they do

Sucking the life out of a small town.

I find it sad young families struggle with low-paying jobs due to lack of work.

Development creates a vibrant economy and jobs that keep our families here.

It is unfortunate that the same group of retirees have the time to attend all council meetings, whereas the younger population is busy working and juggling jobs and kids.

It is disappointing to see another good development on Pioneer Crescent get turned down in an area that desperately needs revitalization.

Martie Robertson




brooming heroes

A big thank you to all the people who worked hard this year to eradicate broom, especially Broom Busters.

In addition to Broom Busters there has been a tireless anonymous person or persons removing broom along Northwest Bay Road in Nanoose Bay.

I don’t know who it is, but they have maintained all the work we did years ago with a team of teenage volunteers, including many from Ballenas High School,  and that warms my heart.

I remember we cleared massive amounts with teams of 6-8 youth, and then when I saw it pop up again in later years and I had no helpers as they had moved on to other towns and cities, I felt disheartened.

Then this year and last year I see someone has covered the same tracks and just kept at it, maintaining those stretches perfectly and cutting down new hitherto uncut broom.

Anita Roy

Nanoose Bay