It’s going to be a long three years

Move ignores the will of the 60 per cent who voted for Westbroek

I can’t believe we have just come through an election, and the majority of voters supported the re-election of Teunis  Westbroek only to see an elected council bent on marginalizing the position of mayor, and running our town as they see fit.

The action by council on December 5 was not only an insult to the  elected mayor but an insult to the 60 per cent of voters who supported his re-election.

If these actions by council are an example of what residents of Qualicum Beach can expect we are in for a long three years.

Mr. Dutton (The News, Dec. 9)was apparently overjoyed with watching “Democracy” in action on December 5.

What we really witnessed was the failure of this council to vote reflecting the will of the majority of Qualicum Beach residents.

John Johnston


Qualicum Beach