It’s not a heritage building

Just because it's 100 years old doesn't mean taxpayer should be on the hook

Re: MAC Building Needs Repair (The News, Oct. 12).

Is a building worthy of heritage designation simply because it’s 100 years old and the partial owner of the building wishes to save its floundering organization?

Ms. Dare and OCAC’s desperate effort seems to be primarily an attempt to garner operating funds. Why do they think that obtaining heritage designation on the building that they don’t even fully own is a way to continue its work?

As the City of Parksville CAO points out, money for capital costs are only worthwhile if an organization has operating monies.  Something is missing here.

Running an effective and vibrant arts organization requires strong community involvement, wise leadership and focused planning. Why not relocate to a building that would better meet their needs?

Why not direct efforts on generating operating funds so they are able to focus on improving and advancing the arts rather than focus on building repairs?