It’s not safe

Anyone who thinks increased tanker traffic won't be problematic is mistaken

With all the news surrounding the multiple oil spills that have occurred in Canada and the U.S.A., how is it possible that the proponents of the Northern Gateway can claim it is safe?

It boggles my mind to think that these people do not recognize the fact that they are sadly mistaken about the safety of this huge undertaking.

One can only shudder to think of a break in the pipeline going through our pristine mountains and streams. The damage to the health and property of our citizens, the health of the fish and animal life, and the massive toll on the plant life all the way to the ocean virtually brings tears to ones eyes. These are some of the greatest mountains in the world and will be damaged beyond belief if this continues.

What can we do to stop this insanity?  Must we hit the streets in protest?  We know this will not happen as we are those really nice Canadians. We need Mr. Lunney, Mr. Cantelon and our Premier to put and end to this at once.

Les Crimp


Nanoose Bay