It’s simply not safe

An oil spill in Alberta shows how safe pipelines can be

An oil spill near Calgary last week that affected a farmer’s livestock operation demonstrates that oil pipelines are not safe for the environment. Nor are offshore oil rigs. Nor are oil tankers. Nor are leaky old vehicles.

I was privileged to talk with a visiting Doctor of Environmental Studies this week who told me of a feasibility study done 40 years ago with regards to the Alberta to the B.C. coast pipeline.

In no way was this method of transporting oil recommended. So, now that we have all these costly, cute and calming televised propaganda ads saying how wonderful it will be to have the Northern Gateway project go ahead, what has changed in the past 40 years?

I’m thinking greed.  When greed creeps in, all natural connections become secondary.

Canada has enough oil for our needs.

And where will our oil be shipped at great potential hazard to our ecosystems? Oh yeah, to the USA and China.  Hmmm.

How about keeping and refining our fossil fuels here unless behind closed doors, deals are being made that the citizens will never hear about.

Cheers to anyone who protests and protects our beautiful province. Accolades to the group Cycle to Protect our Coast.

Gord Byers