Lack of respect shown at hearings

Attempt to marginalize environmental groups not appreciated

Nanaimo-Alberni MP James Lunney comments on the pipeline review currently taking place by the Joint Review Panel reflects the current federal government’s disregard for conducting a thorough review.

There is a reason why 4,500 people have lined up to present.

The environmental assessment being currently conducted needs to be broad and include the physical environment as well as other environments such as health, social and climate change as well as economic interests.

Assessment by the panel should weigh the full benefits against the full costs in all assessment areas. The panel has the power — hopefully —  to direct Enbridge to provide assurances for deficiencies before the project can progress.

The attempts to marginalize environmental groups by stating they are funded by international monies is not any different than the funding of multi-national corporations by international monies.

I believe 10 per cent is a figure used for environmental groups, and corporations receive about 40 per cent of international monies. The oil industry is so large and complex that international funding on both sides is justified due to economic and environmental ramifications.

The first week of hearings have shown a lack of respect for First Nations decision making authority since there are many issue relating to aboriginal title and rights that need discussion.

Chris Lemphers


Qualicum Beach