Leading the way

MP Lunney won't be there on the front lines when the shooting starts

Our brave MP is showing us his leadership skills once again.

First it was his failure to support Coast Guard stations on our coast. Now he is advocating war with Iran.

Will he join Canadian sailors on Canadian frigates in the gulf of Hormuz? Will he fly along with our pilots as they leave bases in the gulf states to bomb Iranian targets? Of course not, his leadership is needed here to make sure some other Canadians are sent to kill and die.

Make no mistake, if the U.S. attacks Iran. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his gang will support the war as much as we let them.

Hearing our back bencher talk to the local press about the need to go to war with Iran simply means Harper has told him and the rest of the flunkies to talk it up and get ready for battle. Beware of these guys and their propaganda.

Brad Wilson