Left behind on the information superhighway

For all the seniors who don’t have a computer, we have these issues:

Making your doctor or other medical appointment? Go online. Want some info from anyone or anything? Just go online. Ferry schedule (none available)? Just go online.

When we reply that we don’t have a computer we are told to, “Get a friend and have them do it for you.”

Nearly all of my friends are my age and don’t have a computer either, not to mention that I wouldn’t use my friends that way.

Another reply is, “Go to the library and use one there.”

Tried that, but they don’t have the time to do the work for you, as we don’t know how to use one.

Then there is the cost of buying a computer, the lessons and the internet service. On our minimal fixed income?

It’s time we are given a little consideration, don’t you think?

Beverly Butler