Lesson learned about jaywalking

Close call made me change the way I cross the street

The biggest bouquet ever to the couple who drive after me from Quality Foods, past Thriftys and onto Corfield Street where they stopped me and held my favourite cane out the window.

“Is this your cane?”

I thanked them profusely as they drove off, having to retrace the way they had come, blowing kisses no less. Talk about making a person’s week. That’s Parksville.

However, I must confess, I had walked to town which at 84 is necessary but tiring. I foolishly jaywalked across from Thriftys to Quality Foods. I got halfway when the north bound left lane stopped to let me cross. I am stone deaf on that south side, yet I heard a faint tinny horn warning me there was a blue truck barreling through the left lane.

We badly need a crossing light at that corner as many need to go to Pharmasave and Quality Foods. Walking from this side of town by the time I have walked to town (one mile), shopped and returned, I am very tired. An extra one-half to the stop lights and one-half back is too much. But no, I won’t jaywalk again after such a close call.

Shirley Howard