Lets find coal consensus

People, please focus on the positive future progress of our West Coast communities.

People, please focus on the positive future progress of our West Coast communities.

Let’s have the concerns with the proposed Raven coal mine and Port Alberni port project calmly addressed. Can we mitigate the concerns with creative resolutions and approve a responsible project? I support it.

As a member of the current population of the human race, I think we require coal to make things we need in our economy. I think our coal trade to other countries contributes to our economic wealth so we can afford the way we live, we can afford to enhance the environment, and especially so we can afford to develop new energy sources.

Human creativity will master the problems in the environment, hopefully without that creativity being crippled to its knees under a yolk of sustainability demands, and supra-environmentalism.

Nothing in human endeavour can have a predestine outcome. Science and scientists can guarantee nothing. They can only give an educated guess as to what is the most favorable pathway of risk for this coal development. Living is a risk and it is filled with risk taking. It has always been that way with mankind’s progress. Ultimately, we have only hope to agree on the best and most responsible avenue.

Consensus agreement is where each party in this coal controversy is confident that their concern is addressed enough to proceed, hopefully without the politics and the rhetoric.

Politics is the art and science concerned with winning and holding control over government and the governed. These activities are often concerned with artful and dishonest practices. The practitioners of politics focus themselves and us on the negative and the fearful. This leads to an entrenched negative “no coal” or a “do nothing” agenda. It’s a choice to proceed in creating together, or entrench in negativity and become fragmented in confusion.

Bruce Hornidge

Port Alberni